Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI)
Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Four and a half year's achievement

• Implementation of Online Fertilizer Recommendation Service in all Upazilas
• Innovation of easy method of adulterated fertilizer identification
• Innovation of three technologies of soil and crop management in saline soils.
• Innovation of geojute technology for degraded hill soil conservation.
• Completed Soil salinity survey of coastal regions of Bangladesh and published salinity survey report with salinity map.
• Given training to 730 Agriculture Officer, 2250 SAAO, 1872 NGO workers and 59,787 farmers on Soil management and fertilizer recommendation.
•Updated ‘Land and Soil Resource Utilization Guide’ of 84 Upazilas
•Given soil test based Fertilizer Recommendation Card to 1,00,747 farmers

Message from the Director

Welcome to website of Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI). From its inception SRDI in the form of Soil Survey Project of Pakistan (East Wing) in 1961, today at the dawn of new millennium stands on a skill group of natural resource manager. In 1969, Central Soil Research Institute was established as follow up of the Soil Survey Project. After the independence of Bangladesh, Department of Soil Survey was established in 1972 under the Ministry of Agriculture. This organization is the pioneer of assessing land and soil resources of the country through Reconnaissance Soil Survey (RSS) following USDA methodology

The survey was started in 1965 and ended in 1975 with an outcome of 33 volumes of reports. These reports could only be used at district or regional level national resource planning. Afterwards, the department has undertaken detailed and semi-detailed soil survey, special survey of irrigation projects, explanatory soil guide and manual to ensure rational use of soil resource in the country.

In 1983 Soil Resource Development Institute was established under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest by reorganizing the then Department of Soil Survey. From 1986 onwards through successful completion of various projects the activities of the institute increased manifold. It is now the only lead agency for soil documentation, research, analyze, interpret & practical use of that database and prepared to face the challenge of future to make a breakthrough in crop production through improved soil management in Bangladesh.